Exceed Building Services Inc Janitorial Worker in La Jolla, California

Keep buildings in clean and orderly condition. Clean and service offices, vehicle showrooms, and restrooms; sweep, mop, wax, vacuum, and scrub floors, stairways, and halls; vacuum and shampoo carpets; dust, polish and wash furniture; clean light fixtures, vents, walls, sinks, windows, window shades and blinds, ashtrays, drinking fountains, and utility sinks; empty waste receptacles; assist in moving and arranging furniture and equipment and setting up rooms for special events; may make minor non-technical repairs such as replacing lights, adjusting shades or blinds, or adjusting desks and other furniture; operate electrical floor vacuuming, scrubbing and polishing machines; may sweep outside areas and sidewalks; check security of building before leaving, locking doors, and turning off lights; prepare route worksheets, time cards, and lists of supplies needed; keep utility storage area and custodial equipment clean and in good order.