Sovereign Health House Manager - Substance Abuse and Mental Health in Rancho San Diego, California

Reporting to the Operations Manager or designated supervisor, the Rancho San Diego House Manager is responsible for the active supervision, support and care of residents. He/she is also responsible for monitoring safety practices, teaching residents to make healthy choices and being a supportive and positive role model.

Duties and Responsibilities:

  1. Maintains supervision and program structure.

  2. Provides active supervision to create an atmosphere of warmth, mutual respect and safety in a manner, which encourages self responsibility.

  3. Provides structure to the milieu by providing clear and consistent expectations and boundaries.

  4. Assists in the development and implementation of appropriate interventions and progress in meeting treatment goals.

  5. Supports residents’ progress through facilitating groups and activities.

  6. Provides transportation for residents to any off-site activities or appointments as needed.

  7. Assists in the team approach to planning and implementation of recreational, therapeutic and skill building activities.

  8. Other duties as assigned by program supervisors related to the care, safety and supervision of the milieu.

  9. Maintains the home in a clean and orderly manner.

  10. Reports any unsafe or potentially hazardous conditions on the property to the Lead House Manager or Operations Manager as needed.

  11. Attends and participates in all Sovereign, CCL or licensing board required supervision and training sessions.

  12. Supervises residents' daily health needs and communicates any concerns to the medical staff as well as dispenses and tracks residents’ medication.

  13. Teaches residents how to advocate for their own health needs.

  14. Completes accurate data collection such as round sheets, daily progress notes, incident reports and any documentation as assigned within required time frames.

  15. Exhibits a clear knowledge and practice of overall program operations as stated in the policies and procedures manual, as well as an understanding of Sovereign’s goals and mission.



The candidate must be a high school graduate; an AA or BA degree is highly preferred. They must be 21+ years old, able to pass DOJ/FBI background check and have a clean driving record.


The candidate must have two years experience with adolescents/adults in a mental health/addictions setting or equivalent knowledge or experience. They must be computer literate and have good communication skills.

Skills and Competency:

The successful will possess the ability to listen actively when spoken to and effectively communicate their thoughts to others. They will be sensitive to religious, ethnic and cultural differences in others and show respect and empathy. They will be able to work alone but also as a team, with fellow staff, in the business setting and will actively seek out advice and/or guidance in order to solve problems. They will also have good time management skills and will actively seek to accomplish tasks and be able to use a variety of methods and ideas to solve problems whilst also being open to suggestions from others in order to find solutions.


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