San Diego Humane Society Senior Humane Law Enforcement Officer in San Diego, California

Senior Humane Law Enforcement Officer

Humane Law EnforcementSan Diego, California



SUMMARY:Under the direct supervision of the HLE Sergeant leading campus operations, assists in the supervision and training of all Humane Officers of that campus and educates the public regarding proper animal care and animal laws. May assist with the coordination and leadership of Reserve Officers assigned to each campus, patrol acting as support and a resource for officers in the field; issue citations and impound animals as required.

ESSENTIAL DUTIES AND RESPONSIBILITIES:Includes the following. Other duties may be assigned.

  • Provides support to the campus supervisor for all aspects of supervision, training, evaluating and discipline of Humane Officers in cooperation with the campus supervisor. Carries out an investigatory and field services workload on their own

  • Assists the campus supervisor in training activities of all Humane Law Enforcement staff and volunteers. Will serve as a Field Training Officer for new Humane Officers or Reserve Officers

  • Provides oversight to other officers ensuring appropriate documentation and departmental procedures are followed for all cases

  • Carries out the directives of the campus supervisor and serves as the campus supervisor when that person is absent or unavailable. Updates the campus supervisor (orally and/or in writing) on events and concerns encountered when the campus supervisor was off duty

  • Assist in maintaining a positive work environment

  • Assists with the management of specific Animal Rescue Reserve (ARR) units or other specialized units

  • Ensures professionalism of the officers including appearance and behavior

  • Responds to major emergencies and/or animal rescue scenarios as part of an emergency management/disaster response. May be expected to take the lead in specific duties as assigned by the Incident Commander

  • Ensures that all policies and procedures of the Society are followed, and as appropriate, recommend progressive discipline

  • Ability to perform all duties of Humane Officer responsibilities including enforcement of animal-related ordinances in contracting jurisdictions as well as other contractual services

  • Provides input and related information to assist the Sergeant in preparing performance appraisals

  • Comprehend and enforce regulations governing licensing, rabies abatement and prevention

  • Comprehend and enforce CA state laws and local animal control municipal codes

  • Humanely handle, capture, restrain, confine and/or transport domestic animals and wildlife using proper humane equipment, methods and techniques

  • Investigate and enforce animal cruelty laws and all activities associated therewith

  • Investigate and enforce Vicious Dog incidents and all activities associated therewith for contract jurisdictions

  • Impound animals under the authority of CA state law and local animal control municipal codes

  • Takes animals under protective custody as evidence in crimes

  • Issue Citations, prepare and execute search warrants and arrest warrants, prepare cases for filing criminal charges with City Attorney/District Attorney

  • Analyze situations and apply established procedures and good judgment to enforce animal related laws

  • Utilize tact, judgment and strategy in dealing with a wide variety of people, both friendly and hostile

  • Explain and demonstrate proper animal care to a diverse group of people in the public service arena

  • Share after hour duty coverage to assist other law enforcement and response to priority one calls

  • Promote positive relationships with staff and volunteers while promoting the society’s programs policies and philosophies

  • Represents the San Diego Humane Society Humane Law Enforcement Department at meetings, training sessions and special community events, as directed

  • Develops and maintains good working relationships with other animal welfare agencies, law enforcement agencies and the public

  • Other duties as assigned

Exemplifies San Diego Humane Society’s Core Values:

  • Has theCourageto make tough decisions and take smart risks

  • DemonstratesEmpathyfor your colleagues and our guests

  • RemainsEngagedand committed to our mission

  • IsEnthusiasticand demonstrate excitement and interest in our efforts

  • Seeks out ways to beImpactfulin the animal welfare movement and your role

  • Leads withIntegrityand treat everyone with respect

  • Strives to beResourcefuland see challenges as opportunities for improvement

Participates in creating a thriving Culture of Philanthropy at San Diego Humane Society by:

  • Being knowledgeable and supportive of Society programs

  • Sharing their passion for service to animals, people, and our community with our guests

  • Serving as an inspiration to all guests by providing an exemplary level of animal care and guest service

  • Being able to communicate a compelling case for support that demonstrates the impact of philanthropy on San Diego Humane Society

SUPERVISORY RESPONSIBILITIES:Provides support and assistance to the HLE campus supervisor. Supervises Humane Officers assigned to the designated campus in the absence of the Sergeant, and assists in the oversight of the Humane Law Enforcement volunteer programs including the Reserve Officer program.

SALARY:This position starts at an hourly rate of $19.72 per hour and will be commensurate with experience.


EDUCATION, SKILL, EXPERIENCE: Two years of SDHS Humane Law Enforcement experience; one year of experience may be replaced with three years or more of other enforcement-related experience. An Associate’s degree in a related field of study may be substituted for one year of experience. In addition, requires training specified in subparagraph (D) and the basic training for a Level 2 Reserve Officer by the Commission on Peace Officer Standards and Training or completed an approved police powers program (832 Penal Code). Must also satisfy the requirements of Section 1029, 1030, and 1031 of the Government Code. Attendance of CA State Humane Association approved Law Enforcement Academy within one year of employment. Must be computer literate, with excellent written and verbal skills and must demonstrate positive and upbeat behavior. Strong interpersonal and conflict resolution skills are essential.

Be self-motivated and able to work independently. Work efficiently under pressure and show good maturity and judgment. Successfully complete all training courses mandated by state law and the society. Knowledge of physical and behavioral characteristics of dogs, cats and livestock, animal care, feeding and handling; common disease symptoms in domestic animals; animal control department policies, practices and procedures, and methods and techniques of humane animal euthanasia; laws, regulations and ordinances governing animal impound, release, quarantine and destruction.

Experience handling a variety of animals and using mobile radio/telephone equipment to communicate. Ability to learn, comprehend, interpret and enforce animal control ordinances and state laws; comprehend and apply regulations governing licensing, rabies abatement and prevention, and analyze situations and apply established procedures and good judgment to enforce animal control and anti-cruelty laws. Must know how, or learn to humanely handle, catch, restrain, confine and transport animals using special equipment, methods and techniques. Ability to recognize and handle fearful/aggressive animals; analyze situations and apply established procedures and good judgment to enforce animal control and anti-cruelty laws and utilize tact, self-restraint, judgment and strategy in dealing with a wide variety of people, both friendly and hostile.

Valid CA Driver’s license required.

PHYSICAL DEMANDS:Individual will be required to stand, sit, walk and talk regularly. Will be lifting, pulling or pushing animals of fifty to seventy five pounds, with risk of animals being unruly, vicious or otherwise dangerous. Will regularly be in situations of risk during field duty. Must be in excellent physical condition, and be able to pass physical and psychological requirements of sworn officer, including drug screening. Reasonable accommodations may be made to enable individuals with disabilities to perform the essential functions.

WORK ENVIRONMENT: Standard office and field environment for several locations, with exposure to environmental conditions that include working near animals. Will also work in situations involving regular automobile travel during work hours in marked vehicle, with potential to provide public services as called attention by vehicles markings. Operation of vehicle will be under all types of road conditions. Work hours will include weekend and evening time. There is potential of exposure to parasites and infectious diseases that can be carried and transmitted by animals.